To be a pilot

Unforgettable Experience

I know a lots of people wants to be a pilot, especially males. I had no interesting on plane and never thought about flying a airplane by myself. However, last Friday, one of my friend told me there was a Columbia Sky Club they would organize a flying activity tomorrow. We didn’t think a lot and registered this activity just for fun.

We didn’t feel nervous until we arrived at the airport and signed some papers before to fly. At that time, we began to realize that we had no experience on flying; although there would be an instructor sit beside you. It still was a high risk activity. One instructor and three people in one plane. Reyna, Xincheng and me all from Beijing, China. We are very good friends which helped us relieve some mental pressure.

We had three destination: from Republic Airport to Connecticut to Hampton and finally back to Republic Airport. At each stop, pilot and passenger switch controls so everyone had the opportunity to fly. When we stand in front of the airplane, instructor asked who would be the first one to fly. We suddenly realized this was really happen. We would be the person to control the airplane. Because of I’m a little acrophobia, I was decided to be the last to fly. Reyna was the first and Xincheng was the second to fly.

After they flied safely, it was my turn to fly. Because of instructor’s sit beside you, you just only need to follow his instruction and was very easy to control the plane. I was so excited that I was exactly, true, really control the flight by myself. When we took off, I saw the sunset which was so peaceful when you saw the whole process of the sunset on the air.

This was a wonderful experience and push me loving fly.

I safely landed the airplane on Republic Airport after half an hour flying finally. And it was dark already.

After this experience, I suddenly realized how experience important to students. I know a lot of young boys’ dream work is to be a pilot. However, because of most of young kids don’t have chance to access this fly lesson.

Last class, we discussed how to design a math room so that can improve students’ math learning experience.

(This is our group’s design)

I think if some schools’ can afford more special classroom, they can create a mimic flying instruction classroom. I think the more experience they have they will more clear want they want to do in the future. The instructor said I had pilot potential. My balance control is better than my friends. I think If I had chance in my childhood to learn flying knowledge. I probably would have become a pilot now.

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