I spent my spring break in Los Angles last week. This was my first time to travel along which was also the best travel experience in my life.

I did a lot of traveling. I went to Hollywood: Hollywood sign and Walk of Fame. I went to Griffins Observatory where was the La La Land shooting location. My friend also rent a car and took me to San Diego. We visited Old Town in San Diego, Kissing Statue, and UCSD.

Because of I have friends who are studying in USC and UCLA. I deeply visited these two schools. UCLA gives me a more academic, quiet and precise impression. However, USC gives me a diversity, socialized, and active impression. Although UCLA’s campus is much huge and safe than USC, I love USC’s learning environment more. The key decision about the USC is better than UCLA in my opinion is because of there is a huge live screen in USC’s communication and journalism department. As a communication major student, I was so excited when I saw this. And then, my friend as a host interviewed me some thought of USC. This is so cool. I think this technology definitely helps lots of students who wants to be a host or a journalist. No one is prefect good at something. We all need to practice again and again.

IMG_5266 (Click the link to watch my interview)

There is widespread opinion that technology is neutral. How to manage the technologies to improve students’ learning skills in a appropriate way is an important course in nowadays. How to use technologies to motivate students’ potential is also worth to discover.

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